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Sync Insurance

We know how important your employees are to the success of your business.

SYNC works closely with companies and their employees to align their interests and maximize benefits for both. We consult with our clients to find solutions to their needs. Is the company and its employees protected against unforeseen situations? What goals do they have for today and for later in life? SYNC can provide guidance and the answers to your questions.

SYNC will help you understand the complexities of life insurance, disability income protection, health insurance and other employee benefits, enabling you to offer the insurance options and additional benefits most desired by employees in today’s competitive employment packages. With a range of benefits to fit any budget, our comprehensive benefit packages are designed to serve the unique needs of your employees. Our goal is to make certain they are both protected and satisfied.


Benefit administration has become digital and integrating employee benefits with all HR and payroll systems is now vital to business owners. To deal effectively with this complexity, SYNC has one of the strongest support teams in the industry. We also work with several industry-leading partners to provide comprehensive insurance option platforms that fit your needs. In fact, our entire team specializes in sales support, employee enrollments, benefit seminars, and subsequent renewal assistance. The SYNC organization works together to provide a level of service superior in our industry. As a result, your employees can readily evaluate, compare and choose the right benefits without disruption of their tasks and productivity.